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About France



The Third is to BE ACCOUNTABLE.

I was leading what seemed an enviable life that many wished they could have until a series of events capsized that reality.  Divorce, emotional and physical abuses lead to multiple injuries to my heart, body and soul.  Emotionally, I was out of balance, a real wreck hiding behind my many masks to protect myself; my heart and spirit were very broken.  Physically, my body was out of alignment and hurting.  I suffered from herniated discs, knee issues, head and shoulder injuries just to name a few.  I also survived two car accidents and a motorcycle accident that nearly cost me my life.


What followed: Multiple surgeries, healing processes and above all, an important self-awareness motivating me to undertake big changes. My goal: to put my well-being and that of others at the forefront, thus taking significant responsibility for my life and transforming my professional career from a monotonous, repetitive, robotic environment, to a dynamic, human based approach on well-being and self-awareness.


I was born in Sept-Îles, Quebec.  

At 2 weeks old, I was adopted by a Quebecois family and a mentally challenged older step sister who was often referred to as “the easy child, with whom I spent the first 7 years of my life in the city of West-Island.  They must have appeared to be the “ideal” stable home to the social worker(s) and agency who approved my adoption.  However, looking back, it was clear that no one did their due diligence.  My household was extremely strict and my adoptive mother was very emotionally and physically abusive to me.  This abuse was in part driven by her lack of understanding of who I was/am.  At a very young age, I knew I was different.  I was a gifted child with a range of extrasensory abilities. 

Not surprisingly, my adoptive parents divorced in 1974 and we ended up moving to Toronto, Ontario shortly after in late 1974.


My mother remarried shortly thereafter, and my newly “constructed” home now consisted of a step-father, 2 older step sister and 2 step brothers.   I used sports as an escape from the hell I was living when I was at home; the less time spent there, the better.  Nevertheless, there is always a silver lining in adversity; as a result of my need to escape, I became a Pro Athlete, an accomplished rock climber, Tai Kwan Do fighter, etc…

In Toronto, my abuse was not restricted to my home environment, I also suffered abuse from many people I would encounter on my path for many years to follow; these experiences inevitably shaped who I am today:  empathetic, strong, determined, courageous, respectful, tenacious, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, appreciative, humbled, and a survivor.

My collective negative experiences changed the trajectory of my life. 

“Without the abuse and suffering I experienced, I would have been someone who could provide a lot of esoteric information about the universe at large, but who would have no real grasp on the reality of human suffering or how to heal it. I would have only had ½ of the picture of human existence. The gift of my own suffering is that I now have the full picture and that has drastically changed both what I teach, the way that I teach, and how I coach and do healing from the quantum realms.”

I AM A SURVIVOR OF SEVERE CHILDHOOD/ADULT ABUSE. I surmounted my suffering, healed my wounds and am awakened to an empowered, authentic self and authentic life.  Today, having integrated my own harrowing life experiences, I inspire thousands of people around the world towards truth, authenticity, freedom, love and joy.

  • My mission is the transformation of human suffering to an empowered and authentic life.

  • My vision is that of creating positive world change, one person at a time.

Even if you have been stuck in pain for years, it would be my great honour to guide you inward, through the uncomfortable truths and shadows that the self-help industry usually does not address, in order to get beyond your suffering. 

Today, I have an Alternative Wellness and Training Solution business and encourage you to have a look in my “Service” section. As an Alternative Wellness Therapist and Coach, I offer an adaptive and nurturing environment shaped to your needs.  My services are available in person, or virtually, for corporate or private groups as well as one on one sessions. My various approaches are very powerful techniques that will obtain impressive results. It is by the application of these techniques that I set out to release blockages and dissolve the many masks and walls that surround each one of us.


You are invited to consult my website further where you will find information on my various techniques, other trainings, teachings, as well as several eloquent testimonials. You can contact me on me on my site, my Facebook page, Instagram or directly by phone or e-mail.






France Ste-Marie
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Her Philosophy

Her Holistic care philosophy, is based on acknowledging the existence of a very close relationship between mind, heart, body and soul (spirit) and focusing on individualism, emphasize that every dimension of human is distinctive and unique as well as they are also connected to each other.


She believes in the empowerment philosophy that is based on the premise that human beings have the capacity to make choices and are responsible for the consequences of those choices. Empowerment is defined as an educational process designed to help clients develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and degree of self-awareness necessary to effectively assume responsibility for their health-related decisions.

She teaches the philosophy behind a healthy living that lies in consistency and daily habits. It is not the big things, it is never the big things you try to change overnight and neglect the remainder of the month. It is the small daily habits done consistently over time that create your results naturally and also the health life which you so dearly desire.

She teaches the philosophy of spiritual enlightenment. To connect to the Higher Powers that each believe in. Being open to life and that everyone is here with their own journey.

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