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About France

The journey of transformation begins with awareness.

It progresses with action.

And it culminates with accountability.

My life's narrative once seemed enviable, until a series of trials reshaped its course. Divorce, emotional and physical abuse, and life-threatening accidents left me broken in body and spirit. Yet, from this wreckage emerged a profound self-awareness, propelling me toward transformative change.

Born in Sept-Îles, Quebec, I was adopted into a challenging home environment. Struggling against abuse and adversity, I found solace in sports and discovered resilience through hardship, emerging as a professional athlete. But even beyond my home, I faced abuse from various quarters, shaping me into the empathetic, determined survivor I am today.


Despite the scars of my past, I have embraced my journey as a survivor of severe childhood and adult abuse. Through my own healing, I have awakened to an empowered, authentic self, and now I strive to inspire others worldwide towards truth, freedom, and joy.


My mission is to transmute human suffering into empowerment and authenticity, envisioning positive global change one person at a time.


If you've languished in pain for years, I extend to you my hand and heart, offering guidance through the shadows often overlooked by the self-help industry.

Together, we can transcend suffering.


Today, through my Alternative Wellness and Training Solutions business, I invite you to explore the services tailored to your needs. Whether in person or virtually, for groups or individuals, my powerful techniques aim to release blockages and dismantle the masks we wear.


Visit my website for more information on my techniques, trainings, and testimonials, or reach out to me directly through my site, Facebook, Instagram, or contact details provided below.


Where are you in your journey?

Let us join hands for your holistic well-being.

France Ste-Marie
keep on moving ahed
Ocean Rocks
Inhale and Exhale
Green tea

Her Philosophy

Her Holistic care philosophy, is based on acknowledging the existence of a very close relationship between mind, heart, body and soul (spirit) and focusing on individualism, emphasize that every dimension of human is distinctive and unique as well as they are also connected to each other.


She believes in the empowerment philosophy that is based on the premise that human beings have the capacity to make choices and are responsible for the consequences of those choices. Empowerment is defined as an educational process designed to help clients develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and degree of self-awareness necessary to effectively assume responsibility for their health-related decisions.

She teaches the philosophy behind a healthy living that lies in consistency and daily habits. It is not the big things, it is never the big things you try to change overnight and neglect the remainder of the month. It is the small daily habits done consistently over time that create your results naturally and also the health life which you so dearly desire.

She teaches the philosophy of spiritual enlightenment. To connect to the Higher Powers that each believe in. Being open to life and that everyone is here with their own journey.

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